Special betting coupons for soccer

When you bet on a soccer match you will often see some special betting coupons, offered by the bookmakers. In this article we will talk about them and how we can use them in our betting strategies.

The most common special betting offer given by the bookies on a soccer match is to bet for one of the teams to win to nil. It is used mostly when a big team is playing against a much weaker team. However, the odds in this case are around 1.7-1.8 and the same odds are given for the option the big team to win with two goals or more. This means that the option to win to nil is better only when the big teams win with 1:0, which does not happen very often.

Another very interesting special betting option is to win from behind. It can be used on the teams which concede lots of goals but also score enough. Arsenal is a perfect example. They have done this seven times this season. The odds are really good – between 7 and 10.

There are three other special betting options (you can read more about them on www.allpro.eu) which are connected with both halftimes. A punter can bet for a team to win both halftimes, to score in each one of them or to win on either of them.

Penalties are the other target for special betting options. You can bet for a goal scored from a penalty and even if there will be a missed penalty in the game.

The last special betting option is connected with the own goals. You can bet if there will be an own goal in the game or not.

Special betting options could be great fun in soccer. They are also spiced with really big odds which make them one of the most popular betting options in soccer for the punters.

The video below is on the same topic and you should have a look on it.

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