Special betting coupons for soccer

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When you bet on a soccer match you will often see some special betting coupons, offered by the bookmakers. In this article we will talk about them and how we can use them in our betting strategies.

The most common special betting offer given by the bookies on a soccer match is to bet for one of the teams to win to nil. It is used mostly when a big team is playing against a much weaker team. However, the odds in this case are around 1.7-1.8 and the same odds are given for the option the big team to win with two goals or more. This means that the option to win to nil is better only when the big teams win with 1:0, which does not happen very often.

Another very interesting special betting option is to win from behind. It can be used on the teams which concede lots of goals but also score enough. Arsenal is a perfect example. They have done this seven times this season. The odds are really good – between 7 and 10.

There are three other special betting options (you can read more about them on www.allpro.eu) which are connected with both halftimes. A punter can bet for a team to win both halftimes, to score in each one of them or to win on either of them.

Penalties are the other target for special betting options. You can bet for a goal scored from a penalty and even if there will be a missed penalty in the game.

The last special betting option is connected with the own goals. You can bet if there will be an own goal in the game or not.

Special betting options could be great fun in soccer. They are also spiced with really big odds which make them one of the most popular betting options in soccer for the punters.

The video below is on the same topic and you should have a look on it.

Why the odds are moving

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When you look at sites for comparing odds from different betting houses you probably will see that the odds fluctuate in the days before the match. This is a very important indicator of what is happening and it can be helpful in making your betting predictions.

If you’re wondering what I am talking about, just open such site and see that every match has its odds. Right next to them you will see a red and a green arrow pointing up and down. These arrows show the movement of the odds. Usually, if you click on the odds you can spread out and see the whole story of the coefficients.

Now what those changes tellbetting odds us and how we can use this information? We all know that the bookmakers make everything in their power so they will have profit whatever the outcome of every game is. They do this through the so-called margin, which represents the difference between the real percentage for something to happen and the percentage given by the betting houses through the odds. An example – if the sum of three probabilities is 100%, then for the bookies the sum of the three probabilities is not 100%, but 96% plus their profit.

To ensure profits, they must have evenly distributed bets for all possible outcomes of a match. How can a bookmaker do this? By putting the odds down and up and by doing this they motivate players to bet on one or another outcome. That’s why we see the rising and falling of the odds.

So if we see that a team’s odds are going down that can tells us that many bettors put their money for the win of this team. Therefore, the bookmaker is trying to motivate us to bet on the other team with higher odds.

This information can be useful to know how the things in betting are made. Of course, the final decision about your bets is all yours, but a bit of information won’t hurt, right?

Of course the odds movement during the match is something completely different. You can learn more about it on the video at the end of the post.

Antepost betting for Spain

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The championship in Spain has not begun yet, but predictions for ante post betting are already in force. So, if you want to bet on who will be the new champion in LA Liga you can do it safely. Hardly have you wanted to bet some euro for another team than Barcelona or Real Madrid so this allows us to focus entirely on the two largest teams in Spain and the world football.

So who will be the new champion of Spain? Barcelona or Real Madrid? The bookies give priority to Real, offering odds for them of 1.8. Barcelona’s chances of winning the league are rated at 2.2.

Personally, I would bet on Real Madrid. The reasons are several. First and foremost the condition of Barcelona and how the club will be affected by the change of the coach. Now head of Barcelona is the former assistant of Pep Guardiola – Tito Vilanova. The leaving of such a good coach like Guardiola can’t be without huge influence on the players and the whole team. However, the heads of Barca made their antepost betting maximum to make the change as painless as possible and seemed to guess the right rhythm as they put the former assistant as a head coach.

On the other hand everybody in Real feels that now is the time to deal with Barcelona and to consolidate Real’s role as a leading team not only in Spain but also in Europe. Mourinho was left to work in peace and is sufficiently active in the transfer market. Currently, he clears his team of players who will not be used through the season. Players like Sahin and Kaka are free to go which will open space for new additions.

The only thing that slightly bothers me is the fact that just before the era of Guardiola the estimates were exactly the same. It was said that Barcelona will not be able to recover quickly from the change of the coach and Real Madrid are hungry for success and so on. Ultimately, Barcelona became the convincing champion.

Betting on something that will become clear after more than 10 months is not a joke. Too many factors can be influential – injuries, penalties, games in European competitions, but anyway Real’s victory in Spain is sufficiently predictable. So a few pounds for their victory is my bet.

Have a look on this cool video for the clash between this enormous rivals

Juventus – Napoli X2

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The Champions of Italy Juventus and the winner of the Coppa Italia Napoli will play against each other in the first game of the season 2012/2013 in Italy. They will compete for the Italian Super Cup, which traditionally precedes the games in Series A. Who will win this match and is it possible to find some value in this match?

Juventus was seriously shaken in the last few weeks by the second in a row huge match-fixing scandal in Italy. The coach Antonio Conte wasbetting punished and he is not going to lead his team for the next 10 months. This is impossible not to affect the team. The question is how it will affect – whether they will start to hesitate and suffer from lack of concentration or they will stand up and play at their best in order to clear their names.

In Napoli they don’t have such problems. They are preparing to improve the performance from the last year and to add to Coppa Italia something bigger – the championship.

Both Napoli and Juventus kept their teams from the last year and they will be able to play at their best level for the match for the Supercup.

In such matches, the most important factor is the motivation of the players. Personally, my feeling is that it is much stronger in the boys from Naples. Their opponents have long periods of success, while Napoli for the first time in more than 20 years has a team who want to and can compete with the biggest in Italy. For them every game, every final is crucial and this is why my preferences go to them.

The bookmakers help me by putting Juventus in the role of a favourite. This allows me easily to play for Napoli with Asian Handicap advantage of +0.5 and a coefficient of 1.825.

As bonus, have a look at the video with Juventus last season highlights